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All About The Cabinets

In this section we’ll talk about the cabinets themselves and relative price ranges and the quality of the cabinets as far as the materials and construction.  Some of this you may have heard before and some may be new. If you are shopping for cabinets, lets start out first just by pricing.  There are exceptions… Read more »

Five Things You Need to Know about Your Kitchen Remodel

The first draft I wrote about kitchen cabinets ended up so long that I split it into 3 sections.  This is a guide and information that will apply to your cabinet and kitchen remodel.  There is no “one” answer and there are plenty of exceptions to every supposed rule or guide so you’ll want to… Read more »

Designing for Aging in Place and Disability Enabled Bathrooms

This is a complex topic with a lot of variables.  Please excuse any lapses, I’m trying to be as PC as possible so no offense is ever intended.  The variables depend upon the extent of disability whether it be physically disabled, some degree of paralysis from heart or stroke issues, impairment from a disease like… Read more »

Tajo-One Makes the Top Construction Companies List in Las Vegas

“With over 20 years in the residential construction and remodeling industry, Tajo-One has a strong ability to meet the unique and varying needs of its clients. Because of this ability, the firm has come to be known as one of the best firms in the area. This reputation has been earned under the leadership of… Read more »

Interior Design Trends in Las Vegas to Implement in Your Home

remodeled kitchen with marble island

Designing your home is one of the best parts of being a homeowner, don’t you think? You can turn your house into something that reflects who you are, your interests, and things that are important to you!  However, what if you’re keen on staying up to date on the latest interior design trends? Do you… Read more »

The Big Problems with Multiple Bids and How to Avoid Them

The best way to illustrate the problems and pitfalls involved with getting multiple bids is by sharing a simple story.  In the interest of full disclosure, I’m a general contractor, a remodeling contractor that specializes in kitchens and baths but also does whole house remodels, additions, casitas and commercial tenant improvements.  Having 20 years of… Read more »

The Important Things You Will Need to Know About Additions

Let’s start with an easy one.  You’d like to enclose that covered patio and use it as an extended family room or possibly use it to help expand the kitchen.  There are plenty of reasons why you might consider this.  Here are the things you need to know.  I’m writing this specifically for the areas… Read more »

Bathroom Remodeling in Las Vegas

The bathroom is one of the two “money rooms” in your home.  The other is the kitchen and that will be the next chapter.  These two rooms can make or break the sale of your home faster than anything.  If you’re looking to purchase a home these rooms will become the power in your negotiating. … Read more »